Lo and Ver
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Lo and Ver

Screenprinted and handbound book
This beautiful story by Anna Mastori is about love (in Greek).

Story by Anna Mastori
Drawings, typography and layout by Marietta Kallona (yeti.prints)
Front cover screenprinted by yeti.prints.
Inside pages screenprinted by Tind studio with gradient variations.

Handbound by Marietta Kallona, Anna Mastori, Anna Lim, Asimina Mast, Korika Ravokiri, Kalliopi Katsarou, Despoina Kotsopoulou and Julia Vee. Thank you to Chrisanthos Angelakis for his help and guidance.

Stamped edition of 236 books.
Following a book presentation 25 of the books are available here.
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Lo and Ver